Mick McDaid is introducing a new service of deer stalking to the Hot Fly Fishing website. Mick is a fully qualified deer hunter and welcomes anyone with an interest in stalking and hunting, from the first timer just looking to experience the thrill of the hunt to those experienced stalkers who wish to gain a formal qualification and further their training.

In the varied terrain of Scottish Borders and East Lothian, Mick will give you the opportunity learn the art of Roe deer hunting in this picturesque part of Scotland.

As has been intimated, Mick is a trained hunter and fully qualified, holding DSC (Deer Stalking Certificate) Levels 1 & 2 and is also an Approved Witness. He is a member of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association and has a “Fit and Competent” status with the Scottish Natural heritage.

The DSC1 is a basic qualification for deer stalkers and hunter. Those who hold it are able to demonstrate their understanding of basic deer management principles and meat hygiene, and to show competence in shooting at simulated targets. DSC1 holders understand deer biology and ecology as well as deer identification, and can distinguish the six species of deer normally found in the wild in the UK. Safety in deer stalking is critical; DSC1 holders have demonstrated an ability to safely handle firearms as well as shoot accurately and consistently.

Holders of DSC1 can then go onto attaining the DSC2 which takes the skill set to a different level and enables holders to demonstrate their knowledge and competence in legally, safely and humanely culling deer and dealing with carcasses hygienically. In order to obtain level 2 a minimum of 3 animals must be culled and witnessed by an “Approved Witness” who must be shown that you are able to meet all the required criteria.

As has been stated Mick holds DSC 1 & 2 but is also an Approved Witness for those seeking to achieve the DSC2 themselves. He is also certified for extraction by quad bike and manual handling.

There is so much more to the art and skill of deer hunting and stalking. It can get technical for those seeking to further their skills. but for those just looking for an enjoyable but physically challenging days hunting you cannot do any better than have Mick McDaid by your side.

If interested, get in touch with him on +44 (0) 07934 382560 or e-mail him at


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