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Guideline in conjunction with Mick have developed the MMD Spey Lines.

MMMD box imageThe lines combine a modern, complex taper, together with very sophisticated flyline technology. Each line is manufactured on an extremely low (6%) stretch Direct Contact braid, which offers superior contact with the fly throughout the fishing. This also creates maximum control over the line through the pick-up and the release of the cast. These lines come in two different versions with a 50’ and a 60’ head length, respectively.

Mick says ”I have been working on these lines for two years. Trying to get the weight and tapers right, and have a Multi Tip line that everyone can cast with ease, and with maximum control. No struggling when wading this line is easy to cast, a fishermans line with torque."

MMD Spey Line 50’

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The 50’ head length will be the optimum choice for most anglers. If you do some wading during fishing, fish medium to long distances then this line is for you. The total length of this line is 40 yards. It is available in Floating version and in line weights 8/9, 9/10 and 10/11.

MMD Spey Line 60'

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The 60´version is designed for the more skilled Spey Caster who demand long distance casts in their fishing. This line has a total length of 45 yards. It is available as Floating in line weights 8/9, 9/10 and 10/11.


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This Multi Tip line is the first choice of anglers wishing to be as versatile as possible in their surface- to mid-water range fishing with Speylines. The floating 50’ head length optimizes efficiency and ease of handling during most encountered conditions on the river. If you do some wading during the fishing, fish medium to long distances, or find it a little difficult to control a very long head with a sinking tip on the water, then this line will be the perfect choice. Each line comes with 3 Spare tips in 15’ length. Floating, Hover/Intermediate, Sink1/Sink2 All pre-looped to make it as easy as possible to switch between different tips to suit your needs.

Read more about the MMD Spey lines at the Guideline MMD page

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