Saturday 2 March 2013

Mick took Stuart out on for a first time stalk. There was a touch of ground frost and an easterly wind. After stalking for 15 minutes 3 Roe deer were spotted on the edge a plantation. Unfortunately the wind was wrong and Stuart couldn't get a shot. After another 20 minutes Mick spotted 2 bucks and 1 doe in some young trees. To make a safe shot Stuart got within 70 yards, rested his rifle on the wall and took the shot. It was a good clean shot and the deer was dropped. Equipment used: Rifle 243, Bullet 95 gr BT (Ballistic tip), Scope Ziess 6+24+56. Great shooting for a first timer, well done Stuart.

Saturday 5 January 2013

On the Saturday morning at 7.45 am, Mick and party headed out into the terrain of trees and open hill. It was dry but chilly with a cold west wind. Four deer were spotted about 400 yards away and stalk started going through young trees and across a gully. Wind was good as a single Roe deer headed up to the fence line. Party got into position with the rifle on the bi-pod, made the shot and the deer was dropped. A good mornings stalk.

Saturday 1 December 2012

A cold and very frosty morning of December 1st saw some Roe deer stalking near Lauder using a 308 rifle and Nosler 125 gr bullets. After about 15 minutes three Roe deer were spotted, one buck and two does.

With the doe about 110 yards away and after quickly getting into position to take the shot, rifle onto the sticks, the deer was dropped. The other doe ran about 80 yards, turned and looked for a second but that was enough time for the shot to be taken and it too was dropped. Overall a very good mornings Roe stalking.

Friday 21 September 2012

Roe stalking in the Scottish Borders. This was a hill stalk, this Roe buck was ranged at 222m with a light east wind. Shot was taken and the buck dropped. Another good mornings stalk with the Roe buck shot at 7 a.m.

2 June 2012 (Deer stalking and fishing)

Robin with the only catch of the dayBruno in attendanceEarly on the Saturday morning Mick went out stalking by himself. The area had recently had new trees planted which required a bit of management; land management is one of the primary reasons for deer stalking. Going through a wooded area next to a young plantation two bucks were spotted having a head banging competition. Mick chose to take out the smaller buck, the idea being that the larger buck would keep smaller bucks out.. As usual, Mick's faithful dog Bruno was there to get in on the action...but he does like to pose !!

Later on in the day Mick was ghillie on the River Tweed, casting for salmon. On an overcast morning with a northeast wind, despite the best efforts by all it was a gentleman called Robin who made the only catch of the day, a 5lb springer. Where there is Mick, there is Bruno who doesn't turn down the opportunity to strut his stuff!!

1 June 2012

Mick was stalking for Doug Virtue of Lammermuir Game Services. The client was Kenn Byllemos who has stalked with Mick a few times before and is a good stalker and shot. The evening was dry with a cool north east wind and despite the weather being good it was a relatively hard stalk.
Stalking through woodland consisting of a mixture of Fir and Larch trees, the small gaps in the trees meant you didn't get much time to make a shot. Mick and Kenn stalked for a good half an hour when a buck was spotted about 73 metres away on the edge of a forest road. Kenn reacted very quickly and made a good clean heart shot bringing the buck, which was in good condition, down. Well done Kenn.

Jim Lowe (Deer stalking and fishing)

Jim Lowe fishingJim Lowe fishingJim Lowe, a good friend of Micks, has been fishing on the River Tweed with a double handed rod for the last couple of years with expert casting tuition from Mick. At the end of 2011 Jim decided that he wanted to go for a Provisional A.A.P.G.A.I. casting instructor certificate and in March 2012, he passed and gained his certificate. So congratulations to Jim on this great achievement.

He has also decided to take up deer stalking and asked Mick, a qualified hunter (DMQ level2 and Approved Witness) to take him out to stalk for Roebuck. The first thing to do was to check the zero on the rifle, everything was OK. So, in mostly forestry land the challenge was to get Jim's first buck.. The first buck was spotted after an hour but Jim was unable to get a shot in. After another 20 minutes another buck was spotted among some trees that had been blown down. Getting within 70 metres, Jim rested the rifle on his sticks, held his breath and gently pulled the trigger. Success, a good clean shot. Well done Jim.



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