MK Honeywell 2 - 6 September 2013

MKH Sept 2014MKH Sept 2014MKH Sept 2014Starting on Monday 1st September, MK Honeywell hired Mick to teach all the rods for 5 days salmon fishing and casting tuition on the Lower Pavilon beat on the River Tweed. Conditions where warm but over cast for some of the days with a light west breeze. The river levels were dropping on Monday and had dropped to low by the Friday. Six rods fished each day learning the art of spey casting. Double spey and snake roll were the casts suitable for a west wind. 3 salmon were caught on Monday, 2 by Mike on a long tailed fly with another caught by Pete. All six rods fished hard for the rest of the week. A big thank you to Ian Willis.

19 - 21 August 2014

River Tay, 19 - 21 AugustTay 19 - 21 AugTay 19-21 AugMick was out with a large party on the Upper Regorton beat on the River Tay for three days of casting tuition. Five rods fished each day learning the art of spey casting. Double spey and snake roll are the best and safest cast for down stream winds. Alan, Greg, a second Alan and Alister, Sue and Mike all had casting tuition for 3 days. One salmon and two sea trout were caught. A big thank you to Alan, Colin and Alister Dunnet.

12 July 2014

Phil Groom 12 JulyPhil Groom 12 JulyPhil Groom 12 JulyMick was out on the Tweed at the Lower Pavilion with Phil Groom with partner Val Chambers watching from the bank, so no pressure then. The weather was very warm with a light west wind. Mick got Phil to work on the basic roll cast, which is always a good starting point also how to able to flex the rod at times. After the roll cast Mick moved on to the circle cast which Phil pick up quite quickly. It was then onto the double spey next, this cast works best with a down stream wind. Phil practised the slow lift , the sweep up stream, the sweep down stream into the casting position, and then performed the cast. Phil worked very hard on his casting during the two hours he had with Mick (and as usual Bruno). Tackle used was 13ft 9 LXi 9/10 with a 10 / 11 MMD floating spey line. All the the best to Phil for his first day of Salmon fishing.

14 June 2014

MKH Sept 2013MKH Sept 2013MKH Sept 2013Mick was out on the River Tweed at the Lower Pavilion with Stuart and his son Derek. Derek had hired Mick for the day to teach them both the art of salmon fishing and spey casting on the River Tweed, both being beginners in the sport.
Tackle: Derek was using a 14ft 8in Exceed with a Double Density shooting head floating line, small cascade fly on a plastic tube. Dad Stuart was using a 14ft 9 inch LXi with a 50ft head MMD Spey line, with a size 10 stoats tail. An hour was spent learning how to flex the rod and what cast to use in different wind conditions. Both of them picked up the casting very quickly. Derek had one little tug on the fly and sadly that was it for the day, fishing is a litttle bit like that and here is hoping that they have better luck next time.


MK Honeywell 2 - 6 September 2013

MKH Sept 2013MKH Sept 2013MKH Sept 2013MK Honeywell were down on their annual visit to the River Tweed for fishing on the Pavilion Beat. With Mick and Ghillie Scott Povey, who knows the river well, overseeing proceedings, there were 6 rods a day, learning the art of spey casting and fishing techniques. All the fishermen were taught the basics of casting stance, grip and how to flex the rod. Casts used during the weeks fishing were the Double Spey, Circle Cast, Single Spey and overhead casting using a shooting head. It was an excellent weeks fishing considering the conditions which weren't ideal i.e warm, bright with low water level. 3 Salmon, 2 Grilse and 5 Sea Trout were caught. Many thanks to Ian Willis from MK for the business.


New range of Guideline Rods

Reaction FRS

Guideline are happy to announce the introduction of FRS (Fortified Resin System) into a select number of their Reaction rods for 2013. The joint venture between Guideline and one of the most advanced and well respected rod manufacturers in the US takes full advantage of hands-on craftsmanship from experienced local staff, as well as one of the most modern and innovative machine plants anywhere on earth. By combining the very latest Nano-Silica-Resins with the best of both US and Japanese graphite cloths and rod components, Guideline are confident that they are offering a product that truly reflects their ”It’s all about the Experience” philosophy in the best possible style.

Read more about this exciting new range at the Guideline Reaction FRS page


Setting out to replace their all time favorite LeCie fly rods with a new high-end range wasn’t an easy task, especially as the main objective was to offer the same performance at a better price. The birth of the LXi range, however, has surpassed all expectations. Based on the same tapers and exactly the same superb graphite mixes as the LeCie (no compromises there), but with small tweaks in actions, lengths and with a totally new look, these rods are- without doubt, the new generation.

Read more about this exciting new range at the Guideline LXi page

31 August 2013

3 September3 September3 SeptemberMick was out with Edward on the Boleside beat on the River Tweed. Flo had booked a days Salmon fishing for her man Edward, who had never been Salmon fishing before. Conditions were warm, water temp in the mid 50s, west wind and overcast. Mick started of the day helping Edward pick up the basic roll cast, moving onto the double spey because of the down stream wind. In fact Edward picked up the double spey technique very quickly. They were using a floating line, 10ft leader, size 10 fly. After 30 min the tactics changed, adding an 2ft intermediate tip and size 10 stoats tail with a long tail. About 15 min later Edward had a fish on his line, it gave a great fight but waseventually landed. It was as usual returned safely with Bruno, as ever, available to lend a hand !!
It was a great days fishing and well done to Edward.

20 - 22 August 2013

20 - 22 August20 - 22 Aug20 - 22 AugOn the River Tay, Upper Redgorton beat. Over the three days the weather was overcast but warm with the river level low and on the 20th it was a down stream wind. 5 rods fished each day with Spey casting tuition for all the rods. Mick started with the basics of how to flex the rod, spey roll cast and jump roll cast. With the down stream wind, the double spey cast was suitable for these conditions but the group also worked on the single spey and circle spey casts. Ian caught the first sea trout of about 2.5lb. Nigel caught the next fish, weighing in at 5lb and then Ian caught a 9lb salmon. Overall It was a great 3 days fishing.

20 April 2013

Max 20 April 2013Max 20 April 2013Max 20 April 2013On an overcast Saturday with a strong west wind, Mick was out on the River Tweed at the Lower Pavilion with one of his younger clients Max Murray. Max had had some tuition previously with a spinning rod only on the grass. With the Tweed showing 3ft on the gauge Max fish for 2 hours without success. The lure used was a 28 gr black and gold zebra toby. After lunch where they talked about fishing and catching fish Max was back out on the river with the lure was changed to an orange rapala. Max fished for another 3 hours, saw 1 fish but nothing was biting. Just one of these days. Max is proving to be a very efficient caster and an up and coming fisherman.

8 December 2012

Mike Hay on the TweedClose up of Mike HayWith a cold wind blowing Mick spent a frosty days salmon spey casting tuition on both banks of the River Tweed with Mike Hay who normally fishes on the River Tay. Mike was wanting to learn more advanced casting technique i.e Spey casts, Double spey , Single spey, Circle spey, Snake roll and Snap tee.

Mikes rod was a Loop classic with an AFS shooting head, other tackle used a Guideline 14.8 Reaction with a skagit line, 16 ft LPxe with a 60 ft MMD spey line and a 15 ft LPxe 35 yard wet 2 spey line. As it turned out Mike was a very good spey caster, which made Mick's job very easy.

Thomas and 3 November 2012

ThomasCasting tuition3 Nov FishingFirst image is of young Thomas proudly holding up his first salmon caught on a days salmon fishing with his grandad Tommy. What a great start to hopefully a great salmon fishing future. Well done Thomas.

On Saturday afternoon, the 3rd of November Mick was out with David Neilson for 2 hours spey casting tuition.
With a cold west wind blowing tuition started with the stance and grip and how to flex the rod. Then on to the various types of casting such as Basic roll, Jump roll, Double Spey and Circle Cast. David, using 10/11 Exceed rod with a 50ft MMD Sped line and 14.8 tackle, is a newcomer to spey casting but he picked things up really quickly, not having any bad habits. Well done David.

On the Saturday morning Mick met up with Geron Walker on the Traquir beat on the River Tweed. It was very cold with a hard frost, the river was at a good height with a down stream wind. Mick started off Geron with the basic roll cast, learning how to flex the rod, then worked on the double spey. Geron picked it up very quickly and within 30 min he was throwing a good line. No fish were caught during the mornings fishing but Geron went away a very much improved caster.

Dylan Hooley and Paul Little

Dylan Hooley Dylan Hooley Dylan HooleyMick was sent some photos by his good friend Paul Little, a world class fly caster and fly tyer. Paul had spent the weekend on the river with Dylan Hooley, the young son of Fly Only owners Stuart and Vicky Hooley. For his age Dylan is an extraordinary angler and fly tyer, but considering his heritage that is not a surprise. Over the weekend Dylan caught a number of diifferent fish including a trout, pike and a perch, all shown in these photos.

Paul himself did well catching a 12.5 lb Brown trout. Also shown below are a couple of the superb Salmon flies created by Paul. The detail is so impressive. All the flies shown are © Paul Little October 2012

Paul Little Paul LittlePaul Little






MK Honeywell 3 - 7 September 2012

MK Honeywell 2012 visitMK Honeywell 2012 visitMK Honeywell 2012 visitMK Honeywell were down on their annual visit to the River Tweed for a weeks salmon and seatrout fishing on the Pavilion Beat. On Monday, the first day, the weather was warm, slightly overcast with a touch of a west wind blowing down stream. As it turned out, the west wind was in evidence all week with the river level dropping off by the end of the week. Some casting tuition was required to start with with double spey and snake roll casts being the best ones for the conditions. John caught the first salmon of 7lb on Monday and by the end of the week a further 3 salmon and 3 sea trout had been caught. As usual it was a great weeks fishing and a big thank you goes to all at MK Honeywell especially Ian and Frank.

More photos from the MK Honeywell event

MK Honeywell event MK Honeywell event MK Honeywell event






MK Honeywell event MK Honeywell event MK Honeywell event






1 September 2012

Max fishingOn the TweedMick was out with Paul Murray and his son Max for a couple of hours on the River Tweed. The weather was overcast but warm and the river was still quite high. The session started off with a few practise casts on the grass including the basic overhead and change of direction casts. Soon it was time to go down to the river. There was a choice of flies; Max using a size 14 Pheasant tail nymph and Paul uses a size 14 Partridge and orange fly. With his first cast, Max was successful, outdoing his father to the first fish of the day. Not bad for a 7 year old. Paul then caught his first fish, then another. All the fish caught up until then were all about 6 inches then Max finished off as he started with an excellent 8 in trout. The biggest catch of the day. It was an excellent days fishing and tuition.

28 July 2012

David fishing 28 July 2012Close upOn a high River TweedMick was out in overcast conditions on a high River Tweed with David who had booked a days fishing with Mick. Occasional heavy showers did not distract from an excellent day of angling which started off with some casting tuition, going over the basic overhead, roll and presentation casts. Fishing started using a 9ft Exceed rod, 5wt presentation line. Flies used were size 14 hares with a red bead and on the dropper, size 16 pheasanty tail nymph. During the day, about 25 parr and 15 trout were caught and returned safely. All in all an excellent day.

14 July 2012

Fly OnlyMick will be down in England on Saturday 14 July for the Fly Only summer show. Mick will be demonstrating the new Guideline Exceed rods as well as the ever popular MMD Spey lines.
As always with their very popular events there will be the usual fly tying and casting help, road and line trials and a BBQ (weather permitting). Entry and parking are free.


For more info go to http://www.flyonlyonline.co.uk/


2 June 2012 (Fishing and deer stalking)

Bruno with Mick's early morning stalkRobin with the only catch of the dayBruno in attendanceEarly on the Saturday morning Mick went out stalking by himself. The area had recently had new trees planted which required a bit of management; land management is one of the primary reasons for deer stalking. Going through a wooded area next to a young plantation two bucks were spotted having a head banging competition. Mick chose to take out the smaller buck, the idea being that the larger buck would keep smaller bucks out. It was a good clean shot and as can be seen, the buck was in good condition with a good head. As usual, Mick's faithful dog Bruno was there to get in on the action...but he does like to pose !!

Later on in the day Mick was ghillie on the River Tweed, casting for salmon. On an overcast morning with a northeast wind, despite the best efforts by all it was a gentleman called Robin who made the only catch of the day, a 5lb springer. Where there is Mick, there is Bruno who doesn't turn down the opportunity to strut his stuff!!

Guideline Exceed Rods (New Range)

Exceed rod

Guideline tapped into their resources, evaluated and picked their best and most popular rod models from the last decade, then remastered and grouped them into the best performing Mid Price range rods ever produced by the company. There are three models in the range, the Exceed Single Hand, Switch and Double Hand and each come in a variety of weights. Using their well proven multi-modulus concept, each rod has its own unique mix of Japanese carbon sheets, making it possible to generate the tiny, subtle tweaks needed to bring out the most from both materials and tapers. Guideline chief rod designer Leif Stävmo has created a line of rods exceeding all expectations, hence the name - Exceed.

Read more about this exciting new range at the Guideline Exceed page

12 May 2012 (Fishing)

Fishing with Dirk and FritzFishing with Dirk and FritzMick had Mrs Young out on the river for 2 hours trout casting tuition, this was in preparation for a 2 week trout fishing trip to Montana. Mrs Young wanted to fine tune her casting skills, learn how to make an up stream aerial mend, a wiggle cast, down stream mends and how to skate the fly across the surface of the water. All these casting techniques will help Mrs Young catch more fish in the rivers of Montana amidst the beautiful scenery



Fishing with Dirk and FritzFishing with Dirk and FritzMick's ever faithful companion has popped up in images over the years but looking at these recent images, fame has possibly gone to his head. He no longer stops to sign autographs. What a character !!




Jim Lowe (Fishing and deer stalking)

Jim Lowe fishingJim Lowe fishingJim's first RoebuckJim Lowe, a good friend of Micks, has been fishing on the River Tweed with a double handed rod for the last couple of years with expert casting tuition from Mick. At the end of 2011 Jim decided that he wanted to go for a Provisional A.A.P.G.A.I. casting instructor certificate and in March 2012, he passed and gained his certificate. So congratulations to Jim on this great achievement.

He has also decided to take up deer stalking and asked Mick, a qualified hunter (DMQ level2 and Approved Witness) to take him out to stalk for Roebuck. The first thing to do was to check the zero on the rifle, everything was OK. So, in mostly forestry land the challenge was to get Jim's first buck.. The first buck was spotted after an hour but Jim was unable to get a shot in. After another 20 minutes another buck was spotted among some trees that had been blown down. Getting within 70 metres, Jim rested the rifle on his sticks, held his breath and gently pulled the trigger. Success, a good clean shot. Well done Jim.

28 April 2012

Fishing with Dirk and Fritz Fishing with Dirk and FritzTwo gentlemen from Denmark Dirk and Fritz, booked 5 hours trout fishing and tuition with Mick on the River Tweed. With a cold east wind blowing up the river they started with some casting tuition ,basic roll cast and the circle cast .The circle cast is a good way for beginners to handle heavy nymphs. Dirk hooked the first fish although was unlucky when it came of before it was landed. However Fritz was more successful with him catching a small trout. The visitors from across the North Sea thoroughly their time with Mick and it is hoped when they return the weather will be more favourable and they will have a bit more success.

Fly Only 10th Anniversary Show 10-11 March 2012

Fly Only 10th AnniversaryFly Only 10th AnniversaryFly Only 10th AnniversaryThese images were provided by Stuart of Fly Only who admitted that he didn't have a great deal of time to take photos this year as the shop was very busy, which obviously is a good sign. Mick is seen in the company of the editor of The Trout & Salmon magazine who dropped in unannounced on the Saturday. Hooked on Tweed would like to thank Fly Only for the use of these photos.


5 - 10 September 2011 MK Honeywell

Once again on their yearly visit, MK Honeywell had great weeks Salmon and Sea Trout fishing and casting tuition with 6 rods each day on the Lower Pavilion beat, also some spinning if the river was high. With Ghillie Scott Povey in attendance the group tried different rods including a 13 ft 7 LeCie rated 9/10 with a Triple D shooting head, a 15 ft Reaction rated 10/11 with a MMD spey line and a 16 ft LPXe rated 10/11 with a MMD multi Tip. Spey casts used Double spey , snake roll for a down stream wind. A single spey and a circle cast for an up stream wind all worked well. Fishing was excellent with a catch of 13 Salmon and 8 Sea trout for the week.

MK Honeywell 2011MK Honeywell 2011 MK Honeywell 2011 MK Honeywell 2011





MK Honeywell 2011MK Honeywell 2011 MK Honeywell 2011 MK Honeywell 2011






27 Aug 2011

Mick spent 4 hours trout fishing with Paul on the River Tweed. The weather was dry but overcast and the river was up, showing 2ft on the guage. Paul is an accomplished course fisherman but was trying his hand at Trout fishing on the River Tweed. Some time was spent learning a few casts, which he picked up very quickly. Fly of the day was a size 14 pink shrimp gold head and this accounted for 5 Trout and 1 Grayling of around 1lb. A good days fishing.

27 Aug 2011 27 Aug 2011 27 Aug 2011 27 Aug 2011






Guideline Open Day River Tweed 13-14 August 2011

Accompanying text and image descriptions to come

Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day
Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day
Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day
Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day
Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day Guideline Open Day

23 July 2011

William on the River TweedCaught hook line and sinkerBruno in his elementWilliam booked Mick for 4 hours trout fishing and tuition on the River Tweed. As can be seen the Weather was
excellent. It was a warm day with a light breeze and not much cloud.
Tackle used 9 ft LPXe with a Guideline 5 wt Presentation floating line. The session started off with learning the basic casts: Roll Cast and Over head cast and how to change direction. Then they started fishing for Trout ,using a 10 ft tapered cast down to a 3 lb tippet. William tried a size 14 red head pheasant tail nymph with no success. Changing to a size 14 gold head Caddis imitation did the trick and 14 trout were caught, 3 of which were about the 1/2 lb mark so it was a good mornings fishing. Of course Mick's trusty sidekick Bruno kept an eye on the things, in and out of the water.

15 July 2011

David fishingDavid in actionDavid had booked Mick for 2 hours Salmon casting tuition on the River Tweed. Although the Weather was overcast it was warm with a light breeze, just perfect conditions for casting. David had purchased a new LPXe 12ft 6in and a MMD 50ft head line and was keen to put it into action. To begin with Mick covered the basic roll cast and anchor placement with David then went through the single spey and the double spey. David also spent some time learning a new cast, the circle cast, which with Micks guidance, he picked up very quickly. David said he had a great time and may be back in September.

19 June 2011

Stephen on the River TweedStephen on the River TweedStephen on the River TweedBefore heading up to Speyside for a weeks fishing, Stephen had 2 hours casting tuition on the River Tweed from Mick. The weather warm but overcast and no wind, ideal conditions for casting. Mick went over Single, Double and Circle Spey and Snake Roll with Stephen, while already a good Spey caster always gets in touch with Mick on his way North to touch up his casting technique.

18 June 2011

18 June 2011 fishingHarry 18 June 201118 June 2011Mick took the trio of Mark, Harry and Ricky for 3 hours of casting tuition on the River Teviot. There were a few fish, taking flies off the surface. Mark was fishing a small size 16 Pheasant Tail nymph, Harry used a size 14 nymph with a red bead. Ricky started with a dry fly olive pattern, changing to a size 14 Hares Ear Nymph with a red bead. It was a great 3 hours casting tuition resulting in 8 small trout being caught, largest being about 6 inches.

5 June 2011

Jim Lowe fishingJim Lowe fishingA good friend of Micks, Jim Lowe, using a MMD Spey line caught 2 Salmon, one of the River Tay and the other on the River Tummell. Excellent looking fish Jim.




15 May 2011

Check out the About Mick page to see him in action demonstrating casting techniques. The weather and the light on the day (29 April) were not conducive for a great video and plans are in place to re-shoot in a different location and with better weather.

29 April 2011

Neil casting 29 April 2011Neil booked Mick for 2 hours trout fishing and casting tuition. While the weather was dry and warm a strong east was blowing up the River Tweed which gave an optical illusion of the river flowing the wrong way. Mick worked with Neil on the basics of roll, overhead and change of direction casts. By the end of the 2 hours Neil was casting with increased confidence, casting a good line resulting in 4 small trout.



29 April 2011 (impromptu tutorial)

Just after Mick had completed some video work (currently in post production) local ghillie Scott Povey asked Mick to step in to help Mike Simmons with his technique. Totally impromptu, Mick spent a good half hour showing Mike the correct stance, where to position his hands on the rod, angles of casting and so on. Even in that short space of time Mike improved considerably.

GAC Open weekendGAC Open weekendGAC Open weekendGAC Open weekend






Flyonly show weekend 9 - 10th April 2011

Mick in action at Fly OnlyFly Only weekendMick casting at Fly OnlyMick was demonstration Spey Fly Casting using his popular MMD Guideline products at the popular Flyonly event in Shelley near Huddersfield. As always it was a great weekend at Stuart & Vicky's with the warm weather and and clear skies. loads of interest in all types of fishing tackle.

There are two large casting ponds next to the shop which are great for testing out any fishing rods and lines and there was certainly a lot of interest in Mick's MMD Guideline products as well as other types of fishing tackle. Casting tuition was available Saturday and Sunday, along with casting demos.

19 March 2011

19 March 201119 March 201119 March 2011

It was a days salmon fishing and casting tuition for Mick and his client Ross Murphy, not forgetting Mick's faithful assistant, Bruno the dog.
The day started out bright with a cold wind (and a touch of frost) on the Lower Pavilion Beat on the River Tweed. Mick and Ross used a variety of tackle: 15 ft LPXe and a 16 ft LPXe, Salmon lines MMD multi tip and Triple D shooting head and by lunchtime Ross had mastered the Circle and was casting a 25 to 30 yard line. As the day turned a bit overcast in the afternoon the tuition turned to fishing but no fish were caught, but that's salmon fishing for you...maybe next time. Ross thoroughly enjoyed his day on the river and Mick is in no doubt that he will soon become a very proficient salmon angler.

Pictures from GAC open weekend.

GAC Open weekendGAC Open weekendGAC Open weekendGAC Open weekend






Glasgow Angling Centre (GAC) Open Weekend 4 - 6th March 2011

An unique and valuable opportunity to learn from a true master.

GAC are proud to announce that Guideline Power Team member and AAPGAI Master instructor Mick McDaid is confirmed to attend the Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend on the 6th March. Based on the River Tweed, where he teaches and guides full time, Mick is Guideline's UK casting demonstrator and designed the new range of Guideline MMD Spey lines. He will be on hand to answer any questions you have about casting, flyfishing and the Guideline range, plus he will be giving free casting demonstrations at the Applecross Canal Basin right next to the shop.  

The Open Weekend will feature the usual mix of the biggest names and brands, incredible offers and free demonstrations. The biggest and best yet, it is one of the best fishing events of the year with loads to do and see at the event, including fly casting tuition, meeting some of the most famous people in fishing, fly tying demonstrations, slideshows and rig making demonstrations. What's so special about GACs open weekends is that it attracts like-minded fisherman from all over the UK and creates an opportunity to grab a bargain, learn loads and also browse arguably the largest selection of rods, reels, clothing and fly tying materials anywhere in Europe.  Please check the GAC  website for more information.

5 March 2011

5 March 20115 March 20115 March 2011

Carl Foster was wanting to fine tune his casting skills. On the Lower Pavilion Beat on the River Tweed Mick and Carl worked on Single Spey, Circle Spey and Double Spey casts. Using Mick's own MMD Spey lines, Guideline Shooting heads and Multi tip lines 6 Kelts were caught.




Images from Hooked Live

Hooked Live 1Hooked Live 2Hooked Live 3Hooked Live 4






Mick would like to thank Andrew Ryan for the invite to Hooked Live, so he could demonstrate the new MMD spey lines.

Hooked Live logoHooked Live 26 - 27th February 2011

Mick will be doing Spey Fly Casting demonstrations using his World renowned MMD Guideline products at the Hooked Live event in the Citywest Resort Hotel in Dublin. Alongside Mick there will be appearances from TV personalities and renowned anglers such as Paul Young, Andrew Ryan, Scott MacKenzie, Henry Gilbey, Peter O’Reilly and Jim Hendrick to name but a few. During the event there will be casting demonstations, lectures and fishing competitions. For more information go to the Hooked Live website at www.hooked.ie . For details of the venue go to www.citywesthotel.com

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6 - 11 September 2010

A Salmon hooked and about to be landedColin concentrating on the fly linePeter Fishing the pool with Bruno in attendanceMK Honeywell had great weeks salmon fishing and casting tuition on the Lower Pavilion beat. A variety of equipment was used during the week and the changeable weather meant that Mick was able to demonstrate and teach a number of different casts to take account of the variable conditions. For the fly casting tuition double handed salmon & spinning rods were used. To allow everyone the chance to fish with different tackle the rod and line setups were continually changed. The group were able to use Triple D shooting heads, Skagit lines with intermediate tips, Mick's own MMD Multitip lines and his MMD Floating lines.

Ted has hooked a SalmonTed with a 7 lb Salmon which was safely returnedFishing party Ian,Simon,Glyn,Chris,Ted,Nigel,Scott and DaveWith the changeable weather including rain, easterly and westerly winds, as mentioned the group were able to learn different casts; Double Spey & Snake Roll for down stream and Single Spey & Circle casts for upstream. The group also took the opportunity to fish for sea trout in the evening using single handed roads 10ft 7/8 weights. In total 10 salmon and 10 sea trout were landed. Everyone had a great time and Mick would like to thank Ian and Simon for the business.

28 August 2010

Hamish - 28 Aug 2010 Hamish - 28 Aug 2010Hamish picked up the phone and made a call to Mick looking for some fly casting tuition and 2 hours fishing. Having never done any trout fishing before Mick started off with giving Hamish some lessons in fishing knots and how to pick the fly for the conditions. Hamish picked up the roll cast and over head cast really quickly. It wasn't long after fishing before Hamish had his first catch. He had a great 2 hours fishing catching 3 good trout; all returned. Mick and Hamish lost count of how many salmon parr were hooked and returned.


22 August 2010

Trout fishing on the River Tweed with Nick and John. This was their first time trout fishing. Some time was spent learning how to tie the flies on and make up a leader followed with some casting tuition. Then the fishing started in earnest. Nick and John picked up the casting really quickly and soon it was quite competitive . In total during the session 8 small trout were caught.



21 August 2010

Ian & Maggie 21 Aug 2010Scott PoveySaturday morning trout fishing on the River Tweed with Ian and Maggie. There had been a lot of rain on Friday night, and the river was up and a bit dirty. An hour was spent practicing fishing knots and studying which flies to use for different conditions. The fishing started off with some heavy nymph to get down to the fish. It was not long before Ian caught a small trout and Maggie shortly afterwards bagged her first catch of the day. In all, 5 small trout where caught for the morning and both enjoyed their first days trout fishing.

Scott Povey, Ghillie on Lower Pavilion, was also having a cast during Ian & Maggie's trout fishing. He had a great day caught 2 grilse about 5 lbs which were returned safely, and 2 Sea trout at 4 lb. Scott hooked another 5 fish.

24 July 2010

24 July 2010, MarkIt was a family affair with Mark and his two sons Charlie and Harry on the River Teviot for Fly Fishing for trout and casting tuition from Mick. Harry was the fisherman of the day hooking into two small trout in the first 4 casts, very impressive. As the session went on there was a great improvment in Charlie's casting. Tactics for the day was Mark fishing the Dry Fly, Charlie Wet Fly and Harry a Small Nymph.



15 May 2010

Jim LoweMick spent the day with his good friend Jim Lowe who was fishing the Cargill beat on the River Tay on Saturday. Jim was using one of the new MMD Spey lines with a 10 ft fast sinking tip. The fly was cast across the pool and was allowed to come around on the dangle. Jim recast with a single Spey fly, moved a short distance into a fish. What a great day for Jim: a few casting lessons from a mate, great weather, a new Spey line and beautiful 12 lb Salmon.



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